Android customization for connected media player
Our customized Android for an MID device for a Top-5 Consumer Electronics company. Key elements of the project included adding MTP, WM-DRM and audio post processing.
Project scope:
  • IC vendor provides standard Android package
  • Customer (Top-5 Consumer Electronics company) requires an MID with features not readily available on Android Éclair
    • MTP
    • WM-DRM with Microsoft Plays For Sure (PFS) compliance
    • Support for Fast Forward / Rewind
    • Audio post processing enhancements such as Equalizer & Surround sound
AllGo contribution:
MTP / WMDRM for Android:
  • Media Content Provider extended to handle MTP metadata.
  • Unified database for media transferred through MSC and MTP.
  • Notification when MTP is on.
  • Ported MTP SDK to run as a native library
  • IP / USB based transport
  • Low-level SQLite DB interactions
  • DRM SDK integrated with Media Framework
  • Added MTP driver to USB gadget driver framework
  • Switch between MSC and MTP
  • Interoperable with Win7, Vista, XP, Win 2000, Linux and MAC
Audio post processing:
  • Frame work in Android to allow OEM to add proprietary post processing algorithm
  • Possible to add a chain of audio effects
  • 7 band Equalizer created by AllGo as standard
  • Agnostic of Media framework (Opencore, Gstreamer, Stagefright)
  • Supports 16-bit / 24-bit audio