Porting Android to an ARM9 platform
We ported and optimized Android Froyo to an ARM9 platform. Optimizing Android framework to optimize UI/virtual keyboard, adding optimized codecs and integrating video and 2D graphics accelerators were the key highlights.
Project scope:
  • Port & optimize Android Froyo to an ARM9 platform with the following
  • hardware capabilities:
    • 7" 800x480 LCD Display
    • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
    • 4 wire Resistive Touchscreen
    • Battery Support
    • Micro Sdcard support
    • 1 USB port
AllGo contribution:
Make kernel level changes to add Android patches:
  • Integration of drivers with Android
    • Display
    • Touch screen
    • Audio
    • WiFi
  • Integration of:
    • optimised codecs with OpenCore
    • Display / imaging accelerator PxP
    • Power management
  • 2D graphics application profiling & optimisation of frame work to enable better rendering
  • Porting to custom hardware with WVGA display
Expertise highlights:
  • Linux kernel level changes
  • Add / modify to various parts of Android native framework to add specific features (OpenCore, App framework, audio flinger, Android services)
  • Application development
  • Product level testing
  • Maintenance to keep up with:
    • Google Android revisions (Cupcake-Donut-Froyo)
  • Future firmware upgrades for product