5 Indian Automotive Companies Who Have Impacted Global and Indian Markets

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The Indian automotive industry is growing at a rapid pace, keeping up with its citizenry which numbers in billions. Beginning with the first car in 1897 to the inundation of various means of transportation on roads today, the industry has been quite productive. And not just in India, but all over the world. Here are 5 Indian automotive companies which have made an impact both in their local and international markets.

1. Tata Motors

Some brands need no introduction. A mere mention is enough to understand the reach and reverence they enjoy. Tata is one such privileged brand. Its customer base, yearly turnover, and the sheer number of vehicles on the road are indicators of its stature. From passenger cars to military trucks, there isn’t a category of automobiles Tata Motors hasn’t headlined. Its parent company, the Tata group, is one of the country’s oldest conglomerates and Tata Motors is a subsidiary of the Group, founded in 1945.

The company is known for producing cars which appeal to the masses and classes. This explains the respect it commands in the Indian market. The launch of Indica, a fuel efficient car with a powerful engine, became a turning point for the company. Till date, it remains one of the best-selling cars in Indian automobile history. Tata Motors is also the manufacturer of the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano, which was introduced in 2008. Over the years, Tata Motors has acquired numerous high-profile engineering and design companies to enhance its portfolio. Major acquisitions include Jaguar Land Rover, Trilix, Daewoo, and Hispano Carrocera. With a footprint in over 175 countries, Tata Motors is an Indian corporation with global citizenship and it wears this badge with pride. With used cars on the rise, they call on http://www.londonjunkremovalservices.com/

Tata Motors is listed in the Fortune Global 500 as one of the world’s biggest corporations. Its inclusion is supported by the fact that it is one of India’s largest automotive companies, ranked 17th in motor vehicle, 4th in truck, and 2nd in bus manufacturing in the world. Its popularity and demand are the results of ceaseless innovation, technical finesse, and unfaltering service to its customers.

2. Mahindra Reva

Electric cars, though commercially popularized in 2008, are a fairly new addition to the Indian market. Batteries replacing fuel tanks, chargers replacing petrol pumps, and many such changes are slowing making their way into homes of the middle class. It will be quite some time until you see electric cars flooding roads, but this foresight is the first step towards designing a pollution-free ride.

Reva Electric Car Company is to be credited with introducing a revolutionary automobile that is clean and green. The company began manufacturing compact electric vehicles way back in 2001 and launched REVA, a micro electric car. With REVA, the company aimed to develop vehicles which are not only safe but also environmentally friendly. Mahindra acquiring the company in 2010 gave the electric car better visibility in India. They repackaged the REVA and announced Mahindra e2o in 2013.

Mahindra expects its biggest market in India to be the capital, New Delhi; the sole reason being the 29% subsidy for consumers who purchase electric cars there. These tax benefits help promote the message of owning a car that is affordable, green, and sustainable. Mahindra is, thus, aptly regarded as a pioneer in electric vehicle technologies and manufacturing. Globally, its fleet is available in 24 countries helping them contribute to the vision of providing zero-emission mobility solutions. Mahindra’s “automotive green revolution” is a welcome move in the automobile industry that aims to pursue technological advances for the welfare of its consumers and the environment.

3. AllGo Embedded Systems

The technological space in an automobile is not limited to its engineering alone. In fact, in-car entertainment systems play a vital role in the operative success of a vehicle. The in-car entertainment (ICE) or in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems consist of a number of technologies evolving from simple dashboards and cassette players to navigation systems and voice controls.

Founded over a decade ago, AllGo Embedded Systems was the brainchild of K. Srinivasan, a former employee at Motorola Global Software Group. Started with the vision of developing cutting-edge embedded solutions for a global market, AllGo has become one of the leading infotainment media playback suppliers in the world. It has a strong foothold in the multimedia space with innovations in smartphone connectivity, security systems, digital audio and video designs, signal processing, and software development. AllGo also has a comprehensive intellectual property (IP)-protected portfolio licensed to a number of companies the world over. It holds the distinction of developing the world’s first fully programmable 1080p H.264 decoder and the fastest MP3 encoder for ARM platforms. In addition to these milestones, AllGo provides complete software solutions to a number of leading car manufacturers in the world.

In January 2016, AllGo was announced to be acquired by Visteon Corporation, a supplier of automotive cockpit electronics and connected car solutions, with the deal expected to close by the end of the first quarter. The acquisition will look to push the boundaries of automotive infotainment solutions thereby creating a strategic niche in the global marketplace.

4. Varroc

The mark of a superior automobile is its infallible engineering. Every component in the car has to be meticulously designed and installed for its smooth operation. The Varroc Group is a collaborative consisting of businesses encompassing exterior lighting systems, powertrains, body and chassis parts, and other car and motorcycle segments. From precision to performance, Varroc is committed to delivering perfection in every component it manufactures.

In India, it is the leading supplier of 2-wheeler automotive segments. Globally, it stands 6 th in providing lighting solutions to 4-wheel drives. The company has a global reach spread across 10 countries including China, USA, and Germany. The 33 manufacturing facilities and 11 engineering centers are a testament to its inexhaustible portfolio. These achievements aside, Varroc is engaged in a number of social reforms. Its corporate social responsibilities extend to initiatives such as water conservation, health and safety, academic and athletic empowerment through scholarships, archeological conservation, rural development, and environmental welfare.

Its accomplishments in automotive engineering speak volumes of its dedication to its customers. Over 25 years of intense research and development have seen the company’s exponential rise with sales clocking in the billion. Right from its inception in 1990, the Varroc Group has constantly emphasized on creating avant-garde engineering solutions which do not stop at excellence but reach beyond it.


Solutions and services go hand in hand. The lifecycle of a solution does not end with delivery but continues to progress through service. Service, on the other hand, is impractical without the existence of a solution. KPIT provides expert business in both these areas on a global scale.

Kirtane and Pandit Information Technologies, known simply as KPIT was founded by a duo whose roots lie in chartered accountancy, not engineering. Their qualifications did not stop them from turning KPIT into a million-dollar company within 2 decades of its inception. Today, KPIT specializes in providing IT consulting and product engineering solutions and services. Companies on which it is focused come from the automotive, manufacturing, energy and utilities, and life sciences sectors.


Its aggressive approach to solutions has led to the filing of over 50 patents in the automotive domain. There isn’t a field in engineering the company hasn’t played in. Consulting, data management, business intelligence, DBA, product lifecycle management, mergers and acquisitions, engineering design, infotainment, vehicle diagnostics, and powertrain are a few of the technologies in which it dabbles.

KPIT’s most recent accomplishment has been the introduction of the Smart Electric Bus, a clean and safe mobility solution which aims to provide a pollution-free mode of transport to Delhi’s public. Partnered with the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), it is aligned with the “Make in India” and “Swachh Bharat” initiatives introduced by the Government of India. Other well-known ideas developed by KPIT include REVOLO, a plug-in hybrid that improves fuel efficiency by 35%, On-Bus Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for JnNURM II, KIVI, an in-car infotainment platform, and many other advances.

The continued success of companies like ilimoww.com airport car service nj to jfk can be attributed to their incessant need for innovation and immense dedication. These global leaders have made an irrevocable mark in their field, pioneering neoteric trends and sustainable solutions which have completely transformed the automobile industry.

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