AllGo Designs Technology to Watch the Distracted Driver

AllGo to demonstrate deep learning-based Driver Monitoring solution on ARM platform at TU Auto Detroit

Date : June 06, 2018 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The importance of camera-based Driver Monitoring technology has significantly increased following the announcement of Euro NCAP 2020 safety requirements and the recent unfortunate incidents involving autonomous test vehicles. Top tier 1s and automakers are racing to build an agile Driver Monitoring Solution to satisfy these imminent requirements.

AllGo Driver Monitoring solution provides reliable Driver Distraction and Drowsiness detection by using recent advances in deep learning technology and light-weight, highly-optimized implementations on ARM based SoCs. Advanced head pose estimation and gaze detection techniques also enable Augmented Reality HUD integration and innovative HMI concepts.

“As a leader in Cockpit Electronics solutions, AllGo is pleased to offer our deep learning-based Driver Monitoring solution on ARM platforms,” said Nirmal Kumar Sancheti, Vice President – Engineering, AllGo Systems. “Our in- house expertise in Image processing combined with Deep learning has enabled us to provide a robust and efficient solution.”

This solution, which was demonstrated first at CES 2018 on a GPU, is now ported and optimized on ARM based platforms. It works with both IR and RGB Cameras and is designed to work with people of multiple authenticities, genders, ages and expressions. It handles key challenges such as partial occlusions, uneven illuminations and multi angled images. The gaze detection technology works with eyes of all sizes, color and shapes.

Write to or to know more about AllGo solutions. AllGo will also demonstrate technologies like Virtualized Android O for eCockpit, TCU/Gateway Solutions, and Distributed Display Solution at TU Automotive, Detroit, Booth A35.

About AllGo Systems

AllGo Systems is a leading product design company providing cockpit electronics solutions for automotive customers worldwide. AllGo licenses Multimedia, Mirroring, Driver Monitoring and Network connectivity solutions to automotive customers along with turnkey services and certification support. AllGo has a global presence with offices in India, US, China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.



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