AllGo Expert Sanjeev Madhavankutty presented a paper at IEEE. AllGo Exhibited at IEEE, IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day
Date : 2019

Ethernet is becoming a network of choice in cars, primarily driven by the need for high bandwidth inside the car and to optimize cabling. Consequently, there are different kinds of In-Car architectures, like the Domain architectures and the Zonal architectures evolving based on Ethernet as the backbone.

With such architectures evolving, there is a need to

  • Transport time sensitive Sensor data in a synchronized way to do reliable Sensor Fusion.
  • Do time critical Inter-ECU communication over Ethernet.
  • Share time sensitive High-Performance Media over Ethernet
  • Do CAN to Ethernet translation for deeply embedded ECUs to communicate over Ethernet.
  • Access Peripherals like USB, HDMI, SDIO remotely over Ethernet.

The highlight of the AllGo Ethernet Connectivity Middleware is the TSN Middleware stack for Endpoints and Switches, which enable time critical communication and transport of high bandwidth sensor data over Ethernet to meet the stringent end to end latency requirements for Autonomous use cases.

AVB stack with support for AVTP and RTP transports allow sharing of time sensitive Media over Ethernet for various in-car use cases

The rich tools offered along with the middleware, for configuration, performance measurement and for traffic statistics logging, helps trouble shooting and accelerates the integration of the stack to the system, and also allows dynamic tuning of the network parameters.

Higher level communication middleware like DDS and SOME/IP are also part of the AllGo's Ethernet Connectivity middleware and can be integrated with TSN.

AllGo’s proprietary Peripheral over Ethernet technology, which is part of the Connectivity middleware and is already going into production designs, allows sharing of Peripherals like USB, HDMI, SDIO over Ethernet.

Peripheral over Ethernet technology is adapted to do dynamic Low latency CAN to Ethernet translation required in Gateway ECUs, to enable communication of the deeply embedded ECUs connected over CAN through the Ethernet backbone.

The middleware is designed to be integrated with Adaptive AutoSAR based platforms in future.

AllGo Ethernet Connectivity Middleware at IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day, Detroit. September 24th and 25th, 2019.

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AllGo’s Ethernet Connectivity Middleware was demonstrated at IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @Automotive Technology Day, Detroit at booth A9.