AllGo at CES Asia, 2019
Date : 2019

AllGos Zone based driver monitoring was demonstrated at CES Asia 2019, Booth .

See 'n Sense AI based Driver Monitoring solution for Safety
Built for automotive markets to detect drowsy and distracted drivers; ARM optimized Deep learning-based technology ; Runs on single ARM Cortex A53 core; Uses Face ID, Face, head pose and eye tracking technology; Supports In-Cabin Sensing; Being enhanced with additional features such as driver activity, emotion and age/gender sensing and also driver seat adjustment.

Automotive TSN and Ethernet AVB
In-Car Media Sharing over Ethernet using AVB, High-Performance Synchronous Media Transport using Ethernet AVB, Support for RTP over AVB; TSN stack for Autonomous Car Architectures, TSN Stack for both Endpoints and Switches, Synchronized Sensor data transport using TSN for Fusion, Reliable In-Car connectivity with TSN Stack.