New age media, Low Cost DMS and Connectivity Middleware for Ethernet Based Networks by AllGo at CES 2020, Las Vegas
Date : 2020

Brilliant dashboards to AI-assisted vehicles to new age media access; In-car software capabilities have come a long way and so has AllGo. AllGo’s technology horizon has expanded over the years with capabilities ranging from advanced media solutions, intelligent driver monitoring and ethernet connectivity middleware in semi-autonomous and autonomous cars.

Some of these, addressing OEM and Tier 1 challenges will be demonstrated at CES2020.

  • See ‘n sense Driver Monitoring System optimized for low CPU, low memory usage, running on low-cost processor. The technology is built targeting safety requirements of EURO NCAP.
  • AllGo Media Engine (RACE2.0) enhanced to support playback of online protected content and its secure redistribution across multiple displays inside a car.
  • Ethernet-based In-Car Connectivity Middleware for Reliable Sensor Fusion in Autonomous driving usecases along with White Box tools for performance monitoring, configuration and diagnostics support.

come and experience our technology and meet our domain experts at CES 2020, AllGo Westgate Hospitality Suite #473 between 7th Jan to 11th.