For Release Aug 2012
K Srinivasan, CEO, AllGo Embedded Systems gave a tech talk about “Designing Business ready tablets� at Electronics Rocks 2012 organized by “Electronics For You�

Date : Aug-2012

The consumer tablet market continues to grow and mature opportunities open up for products and solution companies to offer custom designed tablets to business customers. Mr Srinivasan talked about AllGo Systems’ experience in designing such tablets and the key challenges faced. Business Tablet specific features that can set these tablets apart from the consumer ones were summarized. For consumer tablets, the market drivers are Brand, Look & feel and Cool features. For Business tablets, the market drivers are functionality, reliability and cost.

In this talk, Mr Srinivasan spoke about low cost tablet market and the technical challenges of building such a device. He mentioned multiple technical challenges facing the designer of a low cost tablet. However, the chief among them is implicit: What trade-off can be made in the decision of price Vs performance? The effect of this trade off manifests itself in key decisions: choice of LCD panel, touch screen, battery, CPU etc.

Latest version of the low cost tablet designed by AllGo was demonstrated.