For Release Aug, 2009
AllGo Systems launches cost-effective reference design for Wireless Media players, Internet Radio, Smart Metering / Home automation, Connected Digital Photo Frames, other HMI devices

Date : Aug-2009

Manufacturers seeking a cost-effective solution for Internet connected multimedia devices and multi-functional home automation / smart metering devices now have a compelling new choice with the reference design from AllGo Embedded Systems using the highly integrated Freescale ARM9 processor. The BOM optimized design supporting WVGA Display, touch screen, 802.11 b/g, Ethernet connectivity, FM tuner and USB/SD running Linux with GTK/X-server, UPnP/DLNA stack, internet radio, Flickr photo sharing and other connectivity software will provide time-to-market advantage to OEMs.

The convergence of Internet and multimedia has created a new wave of devices that promise to be the 3rd screen at home. This emerging market segment is further strengthened by the advent of home automation and smart metering that aspire to give the consumer control over home appliances and energy consumption. New devices targeting the portable internet radio market with a QVGA touch screen and wireless connectivity are also being planned by OEMs.

"Our reference design addresses the exciting new market segments of connected multimedia, portable internet radio, smart metering and home automation" said K. Srinivasan, CEO of AllGo Embedded Systems, "The highly integrated and cost-efficient ARM9 processor supporting integrated power management, audio codec and touch screen controller, enables us to create a feature rich, cost and power efficient product reference design".

"The high level of integration of ARM9 enables OEMs to eliminate many external components and achieve a cost efficient design" said Ken Obuszewski, acting general manager for Freescale's Multimedia Applications Group, "We are pleased to work with AllGo as our product development partner to provide time to market advantages to our common customers".


The reference design is being demonstrated at Freescale Technology Forum, Shenzhen, China, Aug 27-28, 2009. It is available for licensing in the form of schematics, BOM list, Linux BSP and applications. AllGo also offers services for prototype manufacturing, component modification/driver development, custom GUI development and vendor specific application development. The business model comprises of NRE / fixed license fee and per unit royalty.

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