For Release January 2013
AllGo Systems demonstrated its latest technology implementations at the Hilton-Las Vegas during 2013 CES, 8th-11th January

Date : January-2013
CES 2013

As a leading Product Design Company in Automotive Infotainment and Industrial/ Multi-market products, AllGo Systems will be demonstrating the following technology implementations at a Private Demo Suite at the Hilton-Las Vegas (Hilton Suite LVH1665)

Next Gen Connected Car

  • In-Vehicle Application Frameworks:
  • HTML5 on Tizen
  • Android IVI

  • Smart Device Integration:
  • MirrorLink and Miracast
  • Smart Card ReaderDLNA

  • Cross Platform Media SDK:
  • RACE Multimedia Engine on Linux / QNX / Android

Smart HMI device designs

  • Mobile POS device
  • Home automation with Zigbee
  • Home healthcare

To set up a suitable time for Demo and Discussions please contact Aji Anirudhan at +1-512- 922-5370.

A snap shot of the features of the platforms we are demonstrating are listed below:

Next Gen Connected Car

In-Vehicle Application Frameworks

  • HTML5 based IVI stacks on Tizen
  • Media player with iOS device playback
  • MirrorLink
  • BT calling & music

  • Android IVI
  • Fast boot-up in 6sec
  • Rear view camera in 2sec
  • BT calling & music
  • iOS device playback

Smart device integration

  • CE Device Manager supporting:
  • MirrorLink 1.1 client on QNX & Linux
  • iOS playback
  • MTP based Android phone playback
  • Miracast concept demonstrator
  • DLNA (DMP / DMC use cases in the car)

Cross Platform Media SDK – RACE Multimedia Engine

  • Portable to Genivi Linux, QNX and Android
  • Scales from Posix compliant OS to low level RTOS
  • Support for iAP / MTP / USB / CD
  • Demonstrators on NXP i.MX6 / TI Jacinto
  • Fast data base build-up
  • Pre-integrated with CE Dev Mgr, DLNA
  • Highly configurable run-time settings

Smart HMI device designs

Industrial / Multi-market solutions

  • Mobile POS with Barcode scanner, BT printer
  • Home automation with Zigbee smart plugs
  • Texas Instruments AM335x-Tab based
  • Home healthcare – BP monitor
  • Android / Linux support