For Release Jan 9, 2012
Ubuntu IVI Remix with RACE Automotive Infotainment Middleware to showcase advanced Connected Car features like Cloud Services and Smart Device Integration at CES 2012

Date : Jan-2012

2012 International CES

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Canonical and AllGo Embedded Systems today announced the availability of their Linux In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solution that combines AllGo's IVI Middleware solution RACE with Canonical's Genivi compliant Ubuntu IVI Remix operating system. Together the solution provides advanced features for next generation connected car platforms like personal cloud services based on Ubuntu One, smartphone and tablet Integration in the car and location-based services. The solution, which enables automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers to build feature-rich IVI Systems and applications, will be showcased during CES 2012 at Canonical's Ubuntu stand at South Hall 4 Upper Level #35379 and AllGo suite #2065 at Hilton.

RACE – AllGo Systems' Linux IVI Middleware Suite includes a full featured, highly configurable and portable Multimedia Engine (MME), Smart phone connectivity, Cloud Services and APIs that makes it GUI agnostic. MME includes a media connectivity stack to support multiple media devices (iAP/USB/MTP/SD/CD), media player that support playback of Audio/Video file formats and integrated with HW accelerators, supports unified media database creation and advanced metadata management. RACE today is implemented and available on multiple ARM 9/11/Cortex A8/A9 single/multicore devices.

RACE supports multiple smartphone connectivity implementations like Mirror Link, DLNA and AllGo's own AllGoConnect to integrate smart devices like tablets and smartphones with the IVI system. This implementation enables the creation of a personal cloud service within the car, which facilitates the aggregation, access and playback of media content stored in these devices and supports a unified database of the media to be made available to head-unit and rear-seat displays. RACE also supports integration with multiple Internet Radio Applications and Voice Recognition.

Ubuntu One, Canonical's personal cloud service, which enables users to access their personal media files from the cloud, is integrated with RACE to stream music files from the cloud into the car. The implementation will be extended to support other cloud services like creating and managing playlists and auto specific telematics services like collection and update of sensor data and integration with navigation systems in the car.

"RACE is an advanced infotainment middleware suite on Linux that provides market leading multimedia features, smartphone connectivity and cloud access to our automotive Tier1 customers," said K. Srinivasan, CEO of AllGo Systems. "Our partnership with Canonical to offer RACE on Ubuntu IVI Remix provides our customers a Genivi compliant solution with quick time to market."

Cristian Parrino, VP Online Services at Canonical comments; "The connected car will be a major theme for 2012 as consumers demand greater access to their digital content on the move. Working with partners like AllGo and GENIVI, Ubuntu One is already demonstrating its one of the first personal cloud services to the automotive market."

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