For Release June 1, 2009
AllGo announces customized Android SDK for Connected Devices and product design services using Android

Date : June-2009

AllGo Embedded Systems a leading Product Engineering Company in Embedded Multimedia Space, today announced the launch of their Android™ SDKs targeted towards product applications like Connected media devices, MIDs, STBs. Built around Google's Android™ platform, these packages offer feature extensions to Android™ that are specific to each product. These SDKs help OEMs planning to develop Android™-based devices take advantage of Android™ quickly and efficiently. AllGo is demonstrating the first version of their SDK ported to Freescale i.MX37 platform at Computex 2009, Taipei

CE vendors adopting Android™ on their product platform require additional building blocks which are not part of Android™. AllGo Systems will address this market requirement and offer:

  • Feature extensions to Android™ – SDK will include SW extensions specific to the product category which are integrated along with Android™
  • Porting and Optimization – Port and optimize SDK on product platform with necessary modifications to kernel and Device Drivers
  • HW, UI and Testing Support – reference HW implementation, custom UI development, testing and validation of product running custom and third-party Android™ applications.

AllGo is launching the first of these SDKs targeted to connected media devices like PMP, PND, Picture frame, Connected TV and Home Media Platforms. Ported on Freescale's i.MX37 application processor, the SDK will include PMP specific extensions like A/V/Image post processing, uPNP/DLNA stack, Media Transfer Protocol, DRM, FM/voice recording, media sync over Wi-Fi and power management.

"AllGo's Android™ SDK ported on i.MX37 will give OEMs an excellent option and time-to-market advantage to roll-out their Portable and Home Media products", said Ken Obuszewski, Director – Product Management at Freescale."Our partnership with AllGo will help us bring more such product specific Android™ SDKs to our customers in Consumer electronics space"

"We are committed to bring Android™ to non-mobile applications to support our customers and silicon partners enhance their Product offering", Said K Srinivasan, CEO AllGo Systems.

AllGo's expertise include porting and optimization of Android™ to new platforms, modifying Linux kernel and drivers, OpenMAX compliance of media codec, integrating device drivers with Android™ hardware abstraction layer and developing Android™ based reference product implementations.

For Further Information Contact:

Aji Anirudhan
AllGo Systems, USA
Tel: +1 512 922 5370

About AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd.

AllGo Embedded Systems is a company focused on providing embedded multimedia solutions. AllGo develops innovative DSP and embedded software solutions focused on the automotive and consumer electronics segments. The company offers both turnkey implementations as well as licenses from its growing library of IP products. The company works with several leading semiconductor companies, as well as with several leading OEMs in USA, Europe and Asia.