For Release November 14, 2007
First Fully Programmable High Definition H.264 Video Solution Demonstrated by AllGo Systems and Silicon Hive

Date : Nov-2007
Partitioned software kernels on scalable multi-core hardware architecture solves several challenges faced by HD Video SoC manufacturers

Silicon Hive B.V. (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore, India) are demonstrating a fully-programmable Full High Definition H.264 Baseline Level 4 decoder solution at the Embedded Technology Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan from Nov 14-16th 2007. The solution targeting high definition (HD) video signal processing SoC manufacturers builds on Silicon Hive's HiveFlex 2500 processor and AllGo's optimized H.264 codec software.. This is the first truly programmable IP solution that is able to service the demands of high definition resolutions at 1080p while maintaining competitive area, power, and code size. It is available now.

Prior to this, SoC manufacturers relied on hardwired logic for such applications due to the extreme demands of HD codecs. The companies are further cooperating to supply the market with Main and High profile decoding solutions as well as introducing an H.264 1080p encoding solution in 2008.

Since the HiveFlex 2500 from Silicon Hive is a fully programmable video processor it can run other common standards such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC-1 etc.-- in addition to the H.264 standard. The unique software architecture from AllGo ensures highly optimized memory and bandwidth usage for the codec, coupled with dynamic scalability for different frame sizes.

The HiveFlex VSP 2500, a multi-processor system as shown in the figure, consists of a 32-bit VLIW Stream Processor and several video processing tiles. The number of these processor tiles depends on the resolution and functionality of the target system. A two-tile system, as shown in the figure, is targeted at multi-standard 1080p decoding solutions for SoC developers in consumer electronics, portable appliances, and mobile phone markets. The unique HiveCC compiler and the associated programming tool set support rapid development of codec software on the multi-processor system The HiveFlex 2500 uses a (patent pending) memory input/output architecture that was specifically designed to alleviate common memory bandwidth


AllGo Embedded Systems ported its C language H.264 software kernels to the HiveFlex VSP 2500 processor and optimized them to maximally exploit the HiveFlex VSP2500 tile architecture, VLIW engines, and data-level parallelism. Some of the optimized features of the software are: partitioning; vectorizing parts of the algorithms to take advantage of the VSP 2500 hardware; balancing the loads across multiple tiles thereby avoiding stalls; reducing inter tile communications to a minimum. This results in a solution that runs at 250 MHz clock speeds for a 30 frames per second (fps) 1080p H.264 implementation.

" Many companies already offer software-only video codecs, However, working together with AllGo Embedded Systems, we have crafted the only fully-programmable system capable of decoding Full HD resolutions on a SoC platform available TODAY. Working closely with AllGo Embedded Systems has enabled Silicon Hive to optimize the HiveFlex 2500 not only for H.264 decoding but for all other video codecs. Unlike other solutions in the market, the HiveFlex VSP2500 IP core truly re-uses all hardware resources when running multiple codecs resulting in an area optimized for multi-codec environments," said George Szanto Silicon Hive's Vice President of Marketing.

"We are excited with this approach to providing true HD encode-decode capability on a fully programmable platform" said PVG Menon, Vice President Sales and Marketing of AllGo Embedded Systems. "We believe the way for cost-effective realization of products offering support for multi-standard video solutions will be by using flexible processor platforms such as the HiveFlex-2500. AllGo Systems is proud to be part of this path-breaking effort" he added.

Silicon Hive is demonstrating the working H.264 1080p decoder at the Embedded Technology Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan in booth number C-48 during November 14 – 16th. . However customers may request live demonstrations around the world as both companies maintain a network of sales offices and agents worldwide.

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Silicon Hive is a worldwide supplier of semiconductor intellectual property. The company designs, builds and licenses application-specific solutions for communications, imaging, and video processing using its tuned programmable HiveFlex processor cores. IP cores are supported by HiveCC program development tools, and partner supplied application libraries. Silicon Hive products enable semiconductor and consumer electronics companies to make fully programmable System-on-Chips (SoCs) improving time to market performance. The patented technology originates from 10 years of research within Philips Research and more recent improvements, additions, and commercialization by Silicon Hive. Silicon Hive B.V. is a venture funded company with investments from New Venture Partners LLC, TVM Capital GmbH, and Philips.

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