For Release October 8, 2012
AllGo Systems demonstrates Linux IVI Middleware suite with MirrorLink and DLNA support at GENIVI 7th All Members Meeting - Shanghai, China

Date : Oct-2012
GENIVI 7th All Members Meeting - Shanghai, China

Shanghai--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AllGo Embedded Systems today announced the availability of their Linux In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Middleware solution, RACE, with enhanced smart phone connectivity on a Genivi compliant platform. RACE software suite enables automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers to build feature-rich IVI Systems and applications. It will be showcased at GENIVI 7th All Members Meeting - Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, Shanghai, China, Oct 9-12, 2012.

RACE includes a full featured, highly configurable and portable Multimedia Engine (MME) and Smart phone connectivity software. RACE MME includes a media connectivity stack to support multiple media devices (iAP/USB/MTP/SD/CD), media player that supports playback of Audio/Video file formats integrated with HW accelerators and advanced metadata management.
RACE Smart Phone Connectivity software supports connectivity and control of applications in Apple iOS devices and Android & Nokia phones running Mirror Link®. The MirrorLink® implementation has several features for reduced driver distraction. The implementation enables the car head unit to be configured in either drive mode or park mode. In the drive mode only the car mode application on phone can be launched. This car mode application has simple GUI, bigger fonts, buttons and does not allow video play back. Car mode is designed to minimize driver distraction. AllGo’s Mirror Link® implementation has been tested with certified phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia 701 and is fully compatible with MirrorLink® specification 1.0.1.

RACE DLNA software integrates smart devices like tablets and smartphones with the IVI system. AllGo’s DLNA implementation supports readily available implementations of DMP and DMC Device classes for the popular automotive uses cases. For example, the A/V content on the Smart phone (acting as Server) can be browsed on the Car head unit (acting as controller) and can be played on the rear seat display (acting as renderer). The DLNA stack has been tested in plug fests with multiple DLNA certified devices.

“Our highly configurable RACE MultiMedia Engine along with the industry leading Smartphone connectivity suite offers an unmatched middleware solution for Connected IVI systems of tomorrow?, said K. Srinivasan, CEO of AllGo Systems “We are excited to offer the RACE IVI suite, product proven in various parts of the world, for the Chinese IVI market?


AllGo’s RACE is available on several ARM and Intel based hardware platforms. The Smartphone Connectivity SDK from AllGo is available in a stand-alone format usable by any application as well as in a format pre-integrated with the RACE IVI suite.. AllGo offers services for porting & integrating RACE on any hardware platform.

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