For Release October 2012
AllGo Systems Demonstrates Android Based Automotive Infotainment Solutions with Fast Boot-up as a Critical Feature at SAE Convergence 2012 - Detroit, Michigan, USA

Date : Oct-2012
SAE Convergence 2012

DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AllGo Embedded Systems today announced the availability of their Android based Automotive Infotainment solutions with Fast boot and Smart Phone Connectivity. AllGo's Android Fast boot solution was showcased at SAE Convergence 2012 - Detroit, Michigan.

Google's Android that is designed primarily for smartphones and tablets does not support several features that are important for IVI systems. It does not provide support for rear view camera, automotive specific Bluetooth profile support (A2DP sink, Hands-Free Unit), support for media devices (CDROM and iPod), support for CAN/MOST interfaces and fast boot up time. AllGo's Android Automotive solution addresses these IVI requirements while making sure that core Android architecture has not changed and Android Compatibility Test Suite requirements are met.

AllGo's Fast boot solution cuts down the boot-up time to about 1/4th of the normal cold-boot time. AllGo has achieved a boot-up time of less than 6 seconds on Android 4.0 ICS with full availability of applications. AllGo has made significant progress in meeting additional automotive start-up requirements such as audio within 1sec and rear-view camera within 2 seconds under the Android framework.

AllGo has developed an advanced Device Manager that provides an integrated solution for handling multiple media devices such as iOS/USB/MTP/CDROM devices. It implements an optimized mechanism for building databases and enables IVI specific features like faster Plug-to-play. AllGo's Smartphone connectivity solution supports MirrorLink, iAP and DLNA technologies. These device manager and the Smart phone connectivity solutions are easily portable to Android.

The Bluetooth profile role support required in IVI systems is different from that provided by Android. AllGo has the expertise in customizing native services and java interfaces to provide IVI specific BT roles such HFP Hands Free Unit role, A2DP sink role, PBAP PCE role etc.

AllGo has rich expertise in Automotive specific Android HMI customizations such as developing IVI specific Home screen and Status bar, handling automotive notifications and handling of user inputs through steering wheel controls, haptic controllers and rotary knobs.


AllGo's Automotive Android solutions are available on NXP i.MX53/i.MX6 platforms running Android Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich versions. AllGo also offers IP based services for implementing the design on any other hardware platform.


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