For Release October 2013
AllGo Systems announces Android Automotive IVI system solution with 4 seconds boot up time

Implementation to have Android Jelly Bean booting up from cold boot to full system availability in 4 seconds.

Date : October-2013

As part of its Android based In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions portfolio, AllGo Systems today announced their Android boot up optimisations to achieve 4 seconds start up time for full system availability of Android Jelly Bean, which is a critical requirement for Automotive implementation. In addition to fast boot up of Android, the solution by AllGo also achieves other early functionalities such as boot up animation, early rear view camera and audio.

All the Android services are available by the time the 4 seconds boot up is complete. The solution does not need special high speed memory and is able to work with standard SD / eMMC and NAND flash.  The system shut down can be instant and does not need extra time for shut down. The system is designed to preserve application settings across power cycles. The boot up image can be burnt in production systems using a mass manufacturing tool.

Further innovations implemented by AllGo allow sub 2 seconds early rear view camera and audio, as well as early boot up animation even before the Android system is up.

AllGo's fast boot up solution is available on Android Jelly Bean, ICS and Gingerbread systems. The solution is available on automotive focused processors from TI and NXP.

In addition to fast boot up, AllGo provides RACE multimedia engine and smartphone connectivity solutions on Android. AllGo’s RACE Multimedia Engine on Android provides iAP1 / iAP2 / MTP / USB / SD playback capability with all the required IVI features such as fast database build up and search, multiple play control options and extensive media formats support. AllGo’s smart phone connectivity solutions include MirrorLink, WiFi Display and DLNA playback.

About AllGo Systems

AllGo Embedded Systems is a company focused on providing embedded multimedia solutions for automotive, consumer and general embedded market segments. AllGo licenses its multimedia and connectivity software to automotive customers worldwide as well as provides associated services for IVI software development and integration. In addition AllGo provides turnkey product design services and multimedia codecs for consumer electronics and general embedded segment customers.