Ethernet for Automotive is a top priority for OEMs and Tiers as electronics inside a car gets complex with multiple sensors, controls, and interfaces which require higher bandwidth and speed. AllGo offers technology designed to support and enable ethernet for Automotive applications such as AVB and TSN, RTP Over AVB, USB Over AVB, SOME IP and DoIP.

Ethernet AVB/TSN Stack for Automotive

Ethernet AVB/TSN is an enhancement to the Ethernet suite of standards, that provides quality of service (QoS) guarantees. Ethernet AVB/TSN standards guarantee bandwidth, latency and synchronization of time-sensitive traffic, allowing Ethernet network to handle Media (Audio/Video) and time-critical Non-Media data in a Car.

AllGo’s Ethernet AVB/TSN stack is designed for Automotive and AllGo is also a promoter member at AVNU. Being the leading provider of Media stacks for automotive, we understand the automotive media streaming solutions end to end. AllGo brings in this expertise, into the design of the Ethernet AVB stack, to create a high-level easy to integrate APIs and to provide quality integration support.

RTP over AVB

RTP is one of the popular protocols providing streaming services in Cars. With the advent of Ethernet AVB, which guarantees QoS over the Ethernet Network, there is a need for this legacy streaming protocol to work over Ethernet AVB.

AllGo has enhanced its existing production quality RTP/RTCP stack to use IEEE 1733 standards, to stream RTP over a Ethernet network supporting AVB, and make use of the QoS and timing reference provided by AVB.

MediaHub over Ethernet

AllGo’s patented USB based MediaHub technology (OTGHub), to support popular mirroring technologies like Carplay and Android Auto is already in production with multiple OEMs.

Ethernet is emerging as the network of choice for most automotive systems, and with the in-car connectivity architecture evolving to a zone-based architecture, there is a need for peripherals like the Media Hub to be connected to a zonal gateway and accessed remotely over ethernet, rather than through USB.

Media Hub over Ethernet is the Next Gen technology offering from AllGo for Media Hubs, to allow remote access of devices like Smartphone (USB), Camera(HDMI), Aux-input(Audio) connected to a Media Hub over Ethernet without compromising on the stringent throughput and latency requirements.


With Ethernet becoming more prevalent in cars there is a need for ECU to ECU communication to be done over IP. SOME/IP is a middleware solution, defined for Automotive, to exchange data messages, to do Remote procedure calls and Service Discovery over IP.

AllGo’s Ready to Go SOME/IP stack is an easy to integrate, Platform agnostic middle compliant to the SOME/IP specifications. The implementations are already available on all the popular automotive Operating systems.


With more and more electronics coming into the cars, the number of ECUs in the car is increasing and there is a demand for higher throughput in the car network for doing vehicle diagnostics and firmware upgrades of these ECUs. Ethernet is naturally becoming the network of choice, replacing CAN, to support such high throughputs, and the DoIP standards which work over Ethernet are being adopted for Vehicle diagnostics and Flash upgrades.

AllGo’s DoIP stack is fully compliant to the ISO 13400 standards. Our experience and expertise in offering middleware solutions to automotive systems has been used to package the DoIP stack as a middleware which is easy to integrate.

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