White Papers

Efficient Metadata Extraction and Fast Database Build-up in IVI Systems - A Closer Look Modern automotive head units must support an efficient mechanism to provide near instantaneous browsing and access of media content in the attached portable storage devices. This mechanism should enable fast database creation along with efficient indexing on insertion of devices, allowing user to perform quick browse and playback of media. This whitepaper presents the challenges and techniques with respect to metadata extraction and database indexing, and also explains how efficiently they are addressed in the AllGo RACE media engine.

Audiopop with GStreamer Audio pop is a term typically used for the popping/crackling noise that is heard when play operations like FF/FR/Next/Previous are done. GStreamer is one of the popular media player frameworks on Linux based systems. It is used widely in many embedded systems to handle a variety of media playback requirement, including automotive infotainment systems. This white paper analyzes the reason that causes this problem and looks at how they can be handled within the GStreamer framework.

Driver Drowsiness Detection Application Overview The immediate need towards automotive safety has given rise to technology suppliers design and develop Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) solutions. Drowsiness involves a driver closing his/her eyes because of fatigue and distraction, therefore not paying sufficient attention while driving. This white paper describes driver drowsiness detection application developed by AllGo Embedded Systems to help prevent mishaps while driving.